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After a last album recorded in Nashville and three years of touring the largest gatherings and folk festivals in the United States and Canada,
Doolin’ returned at the end of 2022 with a new opus entitled Circus Boy, still under the signing of the prestigious American label Compass Records.

Circus Boy is the story of wandering... From Doolin – Irish village of fishermen – to New York and Montreal, from Chicago to New Orleans, then
returning to Dublin, London and Paris, the group drew inspiration from its human and musical adventures. Early Irish folk has become a crossbreed
African-American culture (funk, soul, jazz, rap), French song and pop music.

Doolin’ delivers this unique style with contagious stage energy that the six musicians draw from their Toulouse roots to which they return tribute in their new show through a very personal version of L’Amour Sorcier by Claude Nougaro (with the collaboration of the Bumcello group).

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