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For the past decade, Eric Hutchinson has been mastering the art of his unique, personal songwriting while exploring diverse musical genres like pop, soul, Americana, folk, alt-rock, and jazz. Now, the platinum-selling singer-songwriter is releasing CLIFF NOTES - The Best of 2014-2024 - an essential collection of Hutchinson’s ever-evolving discography. Pulling from fan-favorite albums including “Pure Fiction”, “Easy Street”, and “Sing Along!”, the new double-disc vinyl release showcases all the varied and dynamic music Eric has spent the past ten years exploring. 


To celebrate his new Best Of release, Eric is hitting the road in 2024 to perform all his most popular songs from the past ten years - pop anthems like “Tell The World”, “A Little More”, and “Dear Me”, as well as cult-classics like “Forget About Joni” and “a million bucks on a queen motel bed” along with several classics from his first two records.  In addition to playing his more recent hits, Eric will also be sprinkling in songs from his landmark album Sounds Like This, including his instant-classics “Ok, It’s Alright with Me” and “Rock & Roll”.

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