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Jeremy Garrett

Jeremy Garrett
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Jeremy Garrett is known as an innovative fiddle player, expressive singer and soul-searching songwriter in the Grammy Award-winning band, the Infamous Stringdusters, who broke onto the national scene in 2007, scooping up 3 IBMA awards including Album and Song of the Year. Since then, the group has become an international ambassador for progressive bluegrass.

When not touring with the Duster, Jeremy turns his attention to his solo show, wowing fans by using electronic effects to layer and loop multiple instruments and vocals. Jeremy has a more intimate side as a songwriter, and has a broad catalog of originally crafted songs. He’s contributed several songs to the Stringdusters and has collaborated with Darrell Scott, Oliver Wood, Jon Weisberger and more.

Jeremy is currently supporting his most recent release, River Wild, a true to form bluegrass album. River Wild is a full length, twelve song album consisting of four instrumentals and eight tracks with vocals (seven originals all written or co-written by Garrett and a new spin on a classic Bill Monroe song).

Some of the musicians Garrett picked to accompany him on this journey down the river wild include Seth Taylor (guitar), Alan Bibey (mandolin), Ryan Cavanaugh (banjo), Gena Britt (banjo), Russ Carson (banjo), Travis Book (bass), Barry Bales (bass), Andy Hall (dobro), Lou Reid (tenor vocals), and Josh Shilling (harmony vocals).

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