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It could've been a cold winter day or warm summer night in Finland - but it was around the
year 2010. Someone came up with an idea to combine bluegrass, Finnish folk and
rock/metal music. The outcome was and has since been Steve'n'Seagulls. The band you
didn't know you missed but you do know you want to hear again. Hailing from Finland in
Northern Europe - this jolly bunch is riding harder and faster than ever. 
To put it short: in 2014 the band filmed three live music videos back at the farm. The
second one, their new and fresh take on AC/DC classic Thunderstruck took the internet by
storm. Suddenly this flock of seagulls found themselves touring around the world,
recording an album and touring harder than ever.
Since 2014 Steve'n'Seagulls have recorded four studio albums. The debut album Farm
Machine (2015) took the band on the road for 170 shows in Europe and North America.
They rocked and made their audience smile from small clubs to some of the biggest
festivals in Europe.

Second album Brothers in Farms (2016) continued to plow the way and took the band all
the way to #1 position at the Billboard bluegrass chart. As a first Finnish band ever. They
continued touring Europe and North America with a sweaty pace of over 130 shows/year
and come 2018 they released their third album Grainsville.

As its predecessor, Grainsville included re-arranged classic and original music from
Seagulls. Grainsville tour ended up taking the band to three continents and over 180
shows. But when it's going  - It's rollin'. In 2020 Steve 'n' Seagulls released their fourth
studio album Another Miracle. Their most ambitious album so far includes half original
music and half re-strung classics. And you guessed right - as soon as the pandemic allows
- them boys will be on the road in Europe, North America, South America and Australia. 
So far all four Steve'n'Seagulls albums have hit the album charts in Finland and the
Billboard bluegrass chart. Their music videos have gathered close to 280 million views in
YouTube alone. They have played on some of the biggest festivals on this earth - including
Wacken Open Air, Rescontres Trans Musicales, Nova Rock, Sweden Rock etc. in over 30
countries and on four continents the audiences from small clubs to big venues have
witnessed their musical adventures and pure good times. And the flight continues on!!!

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